What is real Tennessee Whiskey

Don't let big business or politicians try to fool you! Big corporations and even micro-distillers will try to tell you different, but real Tennessee Whiskey is made to an exacting standard. The following criteria are the elementary qualifications of real Tennessee Whiskey (Whisky):

  • fermented in Tennessee from mash of at least 51 percent corn
  • aged in NEW charred oak barrels
  • filtered through maple charcoal
  • bottled at a minimum of 80 proof

  • Please note that NEW charred oak barrels are an important element. This is one item that corporate distillers and new micro-distillers want to attempt to save money on by using barrels more than once. This is also one reason that Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is the best there is. As far as barrels, they get theirs from Brown-Forman Corp. - these barrels can cost $600 a piece. Support the Tennessee Whiskey heritage!