A Guide to Employment with the U.S. Postal Service

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Mail Handlers, Clerks, Carriers, Mechanics and other employees, are classified as Mail Processing Jobs in the United States Postal Service. To work for the USPS (Post Office) you should look in local papers, college campus employment boards, or other forms of media for announcement notices.

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The best way to keep up with upcoming employment with the Postal Service is the employment site of the USPS. itself. The URL is: http://www.usps.com/employment/ .

If you have an "announcement number" that you found in a newspaper or anywhere else, you can fill out an application here: http://uspsapps.hr-services.org/&title=Apply%20for%20Exam

If you do not have an announcement number, but would like to see what jobs are open you can click "continue" or you can go here:


Once you have been directed to this page, you will enter the "State" in which you would like to work. If any exams are open, they will be listed here. Note: JOBS OPEN AND CLOSE QUICKLY - CHECK THIS SITE EVERY 7 - 10 DAYS!!

Once you select a "State" click "continue". If there are any positions open, you will click on the "announcement number". You will then add your personal information. Sometime after that, you will be mailed an employment package detailing the date, time, and place of the exam. This package will additionally contain a practice exam. We suggest at least one practice to familiarize yourself with the test. DO NOT BE LATE OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN!! After the exam you will be mailed your results.

For more information on USPS major entry-level jobs see Publication 60-A, Test 473 Orientation Guide for Major Entry-Level Jobs (PDF) | (HTML).